Drink Your Vitamins With A Juicer, Vegetables Can Turn Into A Cornucopia Of Nutritious Beverages

News — By on April 7, 2009 at 6:35 am

Do you want to be healthier and save both money and time? Drink a glass of vegetable juice. It’s packed full of vitamins that will make you feel and look great, according to some. And, you’ll save money because you can use up vegetables that would otherwise be tossed — like the leftover celery and carrots you bought for soup, or that parsley you used as a garnish. Juicing saves time, too, because you can easily get your daily allotment of vegetables and fruits in just one glass. But the best thing about fresh juices is that they taste great, said Pat Sturgis, co-owner of Beans & Barley Deli, Market & Cafe at 1901 E. North Ave. “There are so many beverages in our society that we consume that really don’t do us…

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