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frandrescherHey all, I want to share with you this article that a friend of mine forwarded to me; a story I hear much too often. 

A woman in England’s ovarian cancer was misdiagnosed even after going to the doctor 20 times.  TWENTY TIMES! 

Cancer Schmancer addresses this very issue and it shows all the more how important it is to take control of your body!  Women with gynecologic cancers are very often misdiagnosed for benign illnesses. 

We must educate ourselves on the early warning signs of cancer and be proactive in our own health care.  As medical consumers, we cannot worry about insulting our primary physicians. 

It’s your life, it’s your body, so get a second opinion if you aren’t receiving the undivided attention you deserve.  It’s an absolute must!   So read the following article and spread the word. 

Together, we can work together to ensure all women learn how to take control of their bodies so no more of these stories are told.  Stage 1 is the cure!  

Be well, Fran

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  • Karissa lopez says:

    I think that’s so true we need to learn about these things ahead of time a very googd freind of our family is struggling through lung canser n it dosent look good me n my grandma help her every day we can n every time I see her she says do me a favor don’t ever smoke so I’m learning from other peoples exsperance also skin canser runs through my family so I have to know how to keep my skin healthy

  • Jackie Kane says:

    HI Fran!
    Thank you for your educational efforts and for your organization, Cancer Schmancer!

    Breast Thermography is one of the best ways we can screen early for indications of breast disease developing! Hopefully one day it can mean early screening for ovarian cancer as well! For breast thermography it can show 8-10 years earlier than a mammogram if disease is developing. This means we can halt disease and reverse it holistically before it becomes life threatening.

    Many of my clients have done just that – found early warning signs through breast thermography, applied a nutritional and holistic therapy and reversed their “hot spots” successfully. It is my hope that more women will learn about the benefits of breast thermography and take back their power.

    My clinics are located between San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles.

    To your Health!
    Jackie Kane
    Exec., Dir.

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