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Ethel Craven-Sweet (sweete2) is a very vivacious African-American female who was born in Roslyn, Washington, a small former coal mining town, 97% European-American. The other 3% were older African-American (AA) men and women.

She has 6 sons and a daughter (birthed 4 sons) and grandchildren and 1 year old twin great-grand daughters.

Ethel is President and one of the 2 organizers of a nonprofit organization, the Roslyn – Northwest Black Pioneers. Her grandmother came to Roslyn, Washington Territory in Sept. 1888 one year before Washington became a State (11-1889). She give local Roslyn and Washington State Black history presentations in schools, government offices, churches, other organizations, and Black History month events.

On April 30, 2008 she had the colonoscopy that showed a large tumor.  On May 13, 2008 she was diagnosed with colon and rectal cancer. The side effects of Ethel’s chemotherapy are very difficult to live with some days. She is a very courageous woman.

Please show your support by reading Ethel Craven-Sweet’s blog at: Ethel Craven-Sweet’s blog

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