“Loving Our Bald Selves!”

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“If we can face life challenges feeling good about ourselves, we can often meet those challenges with more clarity, more determination, and more understanding. At no time is such love of self more important than when fighting cancer. Yet many women find their love of self becomes compromised by the emotions stirred when they find a bald, sick-looking person staring back at them in them mirror.”

The above is an excerpt of an article I wrote titled “Loving Our Bald Selves” that appears in Coping with Cancer magazine that is currently posted on Coping With Cancer’s website homepage. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my message about the potential emotional upheaval experienced by women with medical hair loss and about the need for greater awareness and understanding of those emotions in the context of cancer treatment and support. I hope you will read the entire article, available at Coping Magazine’s web site, just below Meridith Baxter’s photo and her story about being a breast cancer survivor.

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Susan Beausang, Founder and President 4Women.com

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