Bad Hair Days. . . Do You Complain About It?

Life After Cancer — By on March 11, 2010 at 7:33 am

We all have bad hair days don’t we? I know I do. But when I faced the loss of my hair during chemotherapy I swore to myself that when my hair grew back I would never complain about bad hair days again. Losing my hair was the hardest part of my cancer experience. Yes, even more difficult than losing my breast. My bald head was the one thing I couldn’t successfully hide. I was so self conscious about wearing a wig. I didn’t have the confidence to sport the bald head.

I was so grateful to have my hair back. Once I had enough peach fuzz covering my head I ditched the wig. I was very comfortable with super short hair as I have had it many times in my life. I have experimented with all lengths and colors. My hair grew in super curly and I welcomed the change. Then a few years later after one haircut it became pin straight. Recently I have even decided to let my hair go gray. This past fall I cut it short in part to get rid of highlights I had and make it easier to grow out the color. I have to say that seeing the gray is weird. But for me I just don’t like the all the chemicals from hair color and the maintainence it takes so we’ll see how I handle the gray thing.

As the summer approaches I have toyed with the idea of cutting my hair very short again. I have hot flashes all day long and just don’t have the patience for long hair. And I thought about what is stopping me. My husband startled me the other day when he listened to my latest hair rant and said “After all you have gone through with your hair why are you making such a big deal out of this. . . do whatever you want with it?

He was right. I have already been bald. Why do I still obsess over my hair? Haven’t I learned that it is not about the hair? I should be grateful to have hair adorning my head. I feel as though having had cancer and experiencing the hair loss that comes with it instantly revokes my right to ever complain about a bad hair day for the rest of my life . . .

Do you complain about bad hair days? As a cancer survivor do you ever feel guilty for complaining about your hair? Why do you think the hair thing so important? Or is it?

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