Send Your Stories to Capitol Hill with Kairol! PLEASE RESPOND!

Heidi Adams — By on April 2, 2009 at 12:43 pm

Below is a request from the amazing Kairol Rosenthal–young adult cancer advocate extraordinaire and author of the fantastic new book, “Everything Changes.” She is taking our cause to Capital Hill and we need to–virtually–go with her.

If you do NOTHING ELSE for National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week, write your story NOW and send it to Kairol!

As Margaret Mead said, “”Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Let’s do this. —-Heidi

Hey Planeteers,

Maybe you’ve seen the logo plastered on Facebook, or read Heidi’s gazillion tweets, but in case you haven’t, hear this now: Next week is Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week – April 5-11.

This is the perfect chance to tell lawmakers that our health care needs matter big time. Yep, Ms. Rosenthal is going to Capitol Hill. Next week in D.C., I’m meeting with the big wigs: aides to the major committees that oversee health insurance, as well as some White House and Senate advisors.

I want to take with me the power of you! I NEED YOUR STORIES. Tell me where the health system has failed you. What went wrong? Did you get a late diagnosis because you didn’t have insurnace? Have you not had insurance because you got kicked off Mom and Dad’s coverage? Were working part-time jobs? Couldn’t afford it? Or, any other stories about your lives with the government and the big “C” that you think need a little correcting: Medicaid, cost of drugs, lack of access to clinical trials. You name it, I want it!

Let the bitching begin. Shoot me your stories, either comment here on Heidi’s blog, or send them to my email address: kairol at mac dot com. Be descriptive and passionate, and limit it to a few paragraphs. Include your name, your age, and your city and state (so they know I’m not making this crap up!)

If we are going to make a change we cannot just raise money – we’ve gotta raise hell!

Over and out,

Kairol Rosenthal

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Send Your Stories to Capitol Hill with Kairol! PLEASE RESPOND!

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