Idaho? No, WE-da-ho(s). For Olympic gold, that is!

Heidi Adams — By on October 15, 2008 at 9:49 am

So Courtney and I were sitting in the San Francisco airport, on our way to the Planet Cancer/First Descents couples kayaking retreat in Idaho. (Because clearly the most direct route from Austin to Boise runs through San Francisco.) There we were, at Gate 77B for the third time, when a handsome young high school dude in a Stanford sweatshirt turns to me and asks shyly, “Are you Kristin Armstrong?”

“The cyclist or the ex-wife?” I asked. Not that I am either, of course, but I wanted to be clear on whom I was being mistaken for.

“The cyclist,” he replied. “She lives in Boise, and my mom said she was coming home from Beijing on our flight and that she has blonde hair.”

Well, that piqued our curiosity, so we started scanning the crowd. In two seconds, we had homed in on the petite blonde with the Olympic t-shirt and the Chinese tassel hanging from her Olympic backpack. (We’re quick that way.)

Courtney Who Knows No Fear jumped up immediately and waltzed over to her, as Ashlee the photographer and I maintained our cool, “What Olympic gold medalist?” posture. Next thing we know, Courtney is walking back over WITH KRISTIN ARMSTRONG. She had told her that we were headed to Boise for our Planet Cancer retreat and asked if she would come take a photo with us that we could post on the website.

She was amazing! We talked for a long time, and she let us hold the gold medal. (It’s really, really heavy.)

And being the overachievers we are, we couldn’t do just any normal photo. Voila…..ARMSTRONG’S ANGELS!

What a fantastic start to what promises to be an absolutely amazing week. Stay tuned for more news from the retreat!

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Idaho? No, WE-da-ho(s). For Olympic gold, that is!

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