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Fighting Cancer — By on March 25, 2009 at 6:22 pm

I guess I have to apologize.  My updates have not been as frequent as they should have been – but a great deal has happened since I last posted. For one thing I have been attending university as a post-graduate student learning to create e-learning courses. And the results of my labour can be seen at my newly designed website.

I’d like to invite you all to come to and to follow the link to the cancer orientation.  I’d really like your feedback as to how effective it is and/or if there are other things I can do to improve the effectiveness of getting that message out. The Orientation is in two parts – the first part is essentially factual and the second part is about confronting your attitudes.

Why are attitudes important? Let me tell you a story: Not so long ago I met a woman who informed me that her breast cancer had returned. Her doctor had told her that the ‘secondaries’ could not be treated and she was to go home and watch out for certain specified symptoms. If she felt them she was to go back to him and he would help her with them. Of course I immediately wrote down a suggestion for her on a piece of paper – we were at a conference workshop. As soon as she read what was in my message she handed it straight back and said: “Oh no! This is not for me. I have
complete trust in my oncologist.”

So, her oncologist had told her she was terminal and she was not prepared to do anything about it. She had a very fixed – rigid would not be too strong a word – attitude to the way things worked. She was not going to do anything that might impede the inevitable. I really would have liked to explore with her the other possibilities but it would most likely have been a waste of time. Her attitudes prevented her from looking for help outside the paradigm of official medicine. I had
to respect this. After all it was her life!

So, if you want to test your attitudes have a look through Part Two of my orientation. There are a couple of other things there that might interest you too.


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