2008 Best Guide to Alternative Cancer Therapies

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I just wanted to share this. You all know the Townsend Letter for Doctors is one of (if not ‘the’) pre-eminent voices of alternative medicine in the USA. Well, I’ve just found  that they reviewed my book in the August September issue under the heading 2008 Best Guide to Alternative Cancer Therapies?

Here is a quote from the review (by John Collin M.D)

“For a book shorter than 200 pages, with big print, Chamberlain’s Cancer Recovery Guide packs a lot of discussion on theory and treatment into what may be the best read on alternative therapies for cancer. He previously published a much larger book, Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide, as an e-book (2007, www.fightingcancer.com), which discusses the therapies in much greater depth. Yet the shorter Cancer Recovery Guide covers alternative and complementary therapies with enough information to interest readers in the therapies and encourage their use. In just a few pages, Chamberlain offers a great comeback argument for the hardcore health professionals and the cynical journalists who dispute that alternative therapies play any legitimate role in treating cancer. Indeed, the worried and disbelieving family members who attempt to dissuade any participation with alternative medicine would have great difficulty debating Chamberlain’s discussion except to offer the same tired quip that, “if the alternative method was good treatment, then your oncologist would be asking you to do it.” If we could get the health professional and the worried family member to just read Chamberlain’s “basics on cancer,” the road to trying alternative therapies will be far easier for the patient.

For the full review click here.


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