ARTHUR, Lance and Schools

Communicating with Family — By on April 2, 2010 at 6:37 am

If you have a little person in your home, then you probably know ARTHUR. If you’re a big person, then you probably know Lance. Imagine what they could accomplish together!

I recently became aware that the Lance Armstrong Foundation and ARTHUR have created a great way to reach children and to help families discuss cancer. An episode featuring Mrs. MacGrady and her recent cancer diagnosis will air every day this week. There is also a fantastic Family Activity Guide available as a free download through the Lance Armstrong Foundation to accompany the show and provide talking points and other resources. The episode looks honest, reassuring and like a great way to start or continue the conversation with the small people in your world.

Almost more exciting than this episode is my discovery of the resources that are available through the Lance Armstrong Foundation for school use. I hope that teachers and families alike become aware of these tremendous resources to facilitate discussions in classrooms. There is no denying that our schools provide the support network for students in a variety of situations. Our children spend a lot of time sitting behind a desk and our teachers are the front line for recognizing how our children are coping with whatever might meet them at day’s end. But that doesn’t mean the topic is any easier for them to raise with their students. It makes perfect sense to arm teachers with the words and activities can make this topic a little more user friendly. The resources allow teachers to support the needs of their students if a classmate or an adult close to them is diagnosed. They are organized by grade and available from Kindergarten through High School. There are also other supplemental resources to assist families in encouraging their schools to get involved. Please visit Lance Armstrong Foundation’s website for more information.

Visit: Living Sunny Side Up for more information about parenting with cancer.

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