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Darlene Kipling is a breast and colon cancer survivor.  A long-time employee of Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), Darlene Kipling has battled both breast cancer and colon cancer.

In December of 1993, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Three years later, in 1996, she found out she had breast cancer. Darlene talks about how she battled both disease and emerged as a survivor with the help of CTCA:

“You don’t have to be at CTCA very long until you really recognize that there is a difference there. There is a difference in terms of how you are treated, in terms of the responsiveness of staff to you. In terms of other patients who are there at CTCA, encouraging and giving you hope—because they have already received hope.

They have already received kindness and care and consideration. We as cancer patients, for whatever reason, have been dealt this kind of pain. But, there is hope on the other side. And there is great life after cancer.”

Please show your support by reading Darlene’s story. Visit: Darlene Kipling’s blog

To learn about other Breast Cancer survivors visit: Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Breast Cancer Survivors to learn more.

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  • michelle says:

    hi i have a 22yr old daughter and she has lumps in her breast . The on on the right has gotten 3 fingers wide now. no doctor will see her unless she has insurance or money up front. she cant work cause if she lifts anything her breast will hurt worse than it does. what i am asking do you know of any help that she can get here in anderson sc. if so could u send me the info. thanks michelle

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