Why do our grandparents want to refuse us the coverage they have?

After Cancer - Now What? — By on March 18, 2010 at 3:50 pm

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Look carefully at the photo below. This event was held in a href=”http://projects.newsobserver.com/under_the_dome/group_rallies_against_health_care_bill”Raleigh, NC/a and arranged by the Americans for Prosperity crowd. They believe that there is no climate change, lower taxes for corporations and millionaires and constantly rail against isocialized medicine/i. Do you notice anything that most of the people protesting AGAINST health care reform seem to have in common?br /
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Perhaps it’s just me but it looks like most of the people in the photo already HAVE socialized medicine!!br /
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I haven’t written much about reform lately because I’m just sick and tired of it. If anything at all gets passed it will do so little to change the current system that there is a part of me that has stopped caring. Yes if this is passed parents can keep their children on their health insurance until they are 26 and insurance companies will no longer to refuse to cover children with pre-existing conditions. br /
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But let’s be honest. The next 48 hours or so are going to be critical in determining who is iballowed/b/i to have insurance and who will be permanently left to struggle and fend for themselves. Let there be no doubt, this reform will not do what many of us want and has been compromised to no end and still the insurance companies are fighting hard. Groups like AFP have repeated the message again and again and scared people against their own self interest. br /
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As my friend Kairol Rosenthal said yesterday “Are we going to sit on our asses twittering about celebrities or go to our congress reps offices and make a difference? If you aren’t working for change you have no right to ever again complain about your access to care.”br /
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The decision is yours. You need to decide what is more important to you and your friends and neighbors. The dignity and security of not being terrified of getting sick or American Idol?nbsp; So contact your representatives and tell them that we need their help. You can clicka href=”http://www.dfaaction.org/” here/a to find out how. We need them to stand for us, the citizens and the patients, members of a club no one wants to belong to. You’ll still have time to watch March Madness, I promise. br /
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