This is the dick that’s going to kill health care reform

After Cancer - Now What? — By on January 22, 2010 at 6:17 pm

Sorry for the crassness folks but the news of the last few days is simply making me sick. Scott Brown has been elected to the Senate of the U.S. killing any possibility of actual health care reform passing. Of course, he was in favor of Massachusetts health care reform that requires all citizens to purchase health insurance but he opposes both the House and Senate proposals. He thinks that hospitals should have the right to deny emergency contraception to rape survivors based on the ihospital’s/i religious /
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Now there is no doubt that Coakley and the Democrats screwed up, hell, they’re great at stealing defeat from the jaws of victory. I know that many of us were already disappointed with the health reform bills that were on the table, and many of you felt they were useless anyway but here’s what we’ve really lost. These are the benefits that would have taken effect immediately.

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