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After Cancer - Now What? — By on February 3, 2010 at 12:24 am

From After cancer, now what

This guy cracks me up so I share my favorites with you….br /
br /
Dr. Grumpy: “What kind of doctor did you see after that?”br /
br /
Mr. Dimbulb: “The one my family doc said I should go to. I think she was a cardiologist or rheumatologist or something like that. You know, one of those ‘ologist’ docs. What do they do, anyway?”br /
**************************************************************************************** br /
Mr. Behind: “At the hospital they told me I had a hemorrhoidic stroke.”br /
br /
Dr. Grumpy: “You mean hemorrhagic stroke?”br /
br /
Mr. Behind: “Something like that.”br /
br /
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