May Pat Robertson burn in Hell

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I don’t know if there is a heaven or hell, don’t expect to know for a long, long time if I have my way. I hope there is a hell if for no other reason than to house people like Pat Robertson and others like him for all eternity. Those who claim to know and understand what God thinks and believes and then twist and contort those ideas.nbsp; If we can’t make him suffer for all time then at least let him be reincarnated as someone who is poor and suffering. br /
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If you are going to donate to a charity to help the Haitian people, and I sincerely hope that you do, I urge you not to give to Operation Blessing. Operation Blessing is the charity of this hateful, evil man. br /
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Instead here are a variety of charities that need your help to assist the people of Haiti. br /
a href=”″International Red Cross/abr /
a href=””Yele Haiti /abr /
a href=””Unicef/abr /
a href=””Save the Children /abr /
a href=””American Friends Service Committee/abr /
a href=””Doctors Without Borders/abr /
a href=””Operation USA /abr /
a href=””Jewish Federations of North America/abr /
a href=”;df_id=5000″CARE/abr /
a href=”;3181.donation=form1″Catholic Relief Services/abr /
a href=””Oxfam/abr /
a href=””Mercy Corps/abr /
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These are all legitimate, established charities that will help the people who need help, without supporting the disgusting ideas of someone like Pat Robertson. br /
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