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After Cancer - Now What? — By on February 11, 2010 at 6:27 pm

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If you read this blog you know music is a big part of my life. Lord knows I spent too much of yesterday waiting for the line up for Bonnaroo. Well I’ve found a group that ties my passion for music in with my blog about cancer, imagine that.nbsp; br /
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a href=””TargetCancer/a span style=”font-family: Trebuchet MS; font-size: 14px;”was founded in April 2009 to fund directed research into “rare” and less common cancers that lack specific treatment protocols. These are those cancers wherenbsp; /spana href=””TargetCancer/a has started a download series, “The Right Track: Tunes To TargetCancer” and they have exclusive downloads from acts like Ween, The Donnas and Weezer (playing a href=””Bonnaroo /athis year BTW).br /
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All songs can be previewed and purchased for $.99 each. If you really want to support the cause you can pay more for the song, why not at least round it up. br /
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Here’s the current playlist at a href=””The Right Track: Tunes to Target Cancer/abr /
Weezer – “The Rat Race”br /
Ween – “DC Won’t Do You No Good”br /
The Donnas – “Can’t Keep It a Secret”br /
Cowboy Junkies – “In My Time of Need” (Ryan Adams cover)br /
Dean and Britta – “International Velvet Theme” (Caledonia Mix)br /
Buffalo Tom – “Thrown” (Live From Somerville Theater)br /
Linda Thompson – “Never the Bride”br /
Mike Viola – “This is Love, This is Life”br /
Drug Rug – “Coffee In the Morning” (Alternate Version)br /
The Gravel Pit – “Yellow Light Purple”br /
Happy Ending – “Through Your Eyes”br /
br /
So check them out, for the same price you’d pay to download somewhere else you can help fight cancer at the same time.nbsp;div class=”blogger-post-footer”img width=’1′ height=’1′ src=’’ alt=” //div
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Please read this blog and let us know what you think below.

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