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Indian runway model Diandra Soares understands the 4Women.com motto perfectly:  you do not need your hair to maintain your sense of style!  No, the lovely bald Diandra is not undergoing chemotherapy or dealing with Alopeica Areata.  Instead, she heads over to the local men’s barber shop for a “cheap and chic double shave, topped with olive oil.  Or if I’m running late – I just shave the stubble off with my boyfriend’s razor.”  Diandra chooses to be bald, and she is becoming increasingly successful in the modeling industry because of her lack of hair.

Diandra began her modeling career after she won a beauty contest when she was fifteen but only became popular in the industry after she shaved her hair completely off.  Diandra has explained that the sole reason she decided to go bald was because “it was something I always wanted to try.  The sensation is amazing – that feeling of the breeze flying past your clean head, water flowing down without being blocked by hair…and sand trickling down your head smoothly is magical!”  ….and she recommends every woman shave their head at least once in their life to experience that feeling.  If only we could all have that same brave attitude!

She let her hair grow back over the years, and just this summer she decided to shave it all off yet again.  After her locks were gone, her modeling career exploded to the point that she was opening runway shows at the Wills India Fashion Week and has walked the runways of major top fashion designers such as Versace and Armani.  Without hair, Diandra becomes somebody instead of just anybody.  She stands out among the other runway models and truly makes a statement  that is powerful and unique.

Love your bald self, ladies

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