Holiday Gratitude — By on January 4, 2010 at 11:04 am

As 2009’s ‘Season of Cheer ‘ arrives on the heels of a year that has brought so much hardship to so many people, I admit that I have been struggling to get into a holiday frame of mind.   I once heard a piece of advice that I never forgot – that the best cure for boosting your spirits is by helping someone else.  Those words are ringing true more than ever for me.  Throughout the course of the year, I am blessed by the notes and letters of gratitude that so many women take the time to send me.  Recently concluded its first beaubeau photo contest which received an overwhelming response.  I received fabulous photos that captured your vibrant smiles framed by your beaubeau’s.  Many of these photos were accompanied by heartfelt notes that expressed how the beaubeau scarf made such a difference in the way you felt about yourselves while experiencing medical hair loss.  How could my spirits NOT be lifted?   I simply can’t hide the smile that appears each time I visit the photo contest gallery!

Like most of us, I feel rather helpless with respect to the many troubling and frightening issues that confront us on a daily basis.   I am so grateful though that despite the many overarching challenges that face us, I can still make a difference in individuals’ lives.  The knowledge that I can offer women something to not just cover up their head or hide their hair loss, but truly offer them something that will allow them to shine their inner and outer beauty on their friends and loved one’s makes this day and every day special.   I want to thank each and every one of you, for being you, for sharing your gratitude and beautiful spirits with me and for helping my holidays to be special.    I extend my wishes for this holiday to be filled with peace, health and happiness for you and your loved ones in the year to come.

Warm Regards,

Susan Beausang, President

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