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Help us to help others!  I receive daily testimonials from around the world about the way in which our beaubeau™ scarves make a huge difference for women faced with medical hair loss. I am thanked for providing a fashionable option that allows women to maintain their dignity and style during this process. Many of you participated in our last survey regarding the emotional impact of medical hair loss. Your valuable input helped us to foster a better understanding of the emotional consequences of hair loss among the public and especially among the medical professionals.  I am determined to have our fears and emotions recognized! is conducting a second brief survey in an effort to identify existing cancer support strategies and programs that empower women to turn their anxiety about chemo-induced hair loss into proactive action, as well as to identify unmet needs for such support.  Few of life’s obstacles challenge us physically and emotionally as does a cancer diagnosis and treatment.Many of our loved ones reach out and want to help us cope with our disease.  But what  we want to do more than just cope?  Anxiety can be mentally and emotionally paralyzing, but turning that anxiety into proactive action aimed at increasing our sense of control over the changes taking place in our body can help us to remember we are living life, not just coping.

Anticipatory coping is the process of anticipation and preparation for a major change. In the context of chemo-induced hair loss, anticipatory coping may play a key role in helping women to not just cope, but to rise above the drastic assault to their self-esteem posed by sudden hair loss.  Providing women with the information and resources they need to turn anticipation of hair loss into proactive action is key.

I ask and encourage each of you to take this anonymous, 5-question survey and share as much as you can regarding your medical hair loss experience.  By doing so, you will help me to get the word out so that those  women and  girls who follow in our footsteps will have access to cancer care designed to both cure the cancer and heal the person.  Thank you for your participation!

Warm Regards,

Susan M. Beausang, President

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