GENERAL HOSPITAL MISSES THE BOAT! — By on July 21, 2010 at 4:45 pm

Hollywood continues to pass up opportunities to portray women without hair in a fashionable and dignified manner.  General Hospital’s current series has fictional character Shirley Smith undergoing chemotherapy for brain cancer. Shirley has lost all of her hair and is seen wearing an outdated turban type of head wrap.  Millions of women are watching this show and may be led to believe that this type of head wear is the only thing available if they should ever be faced with their own hair loss.

General Hospital possesses access to an enormous platform.  I received a phone call from a cancer survivor who lost her own hair to chemotherapy and she was indignant that Hollywood continues to portray their characters in unflattering head wraps.  Why not portray this character in a pretty head scarf that will enhance her beauty and compliment her character.

Please General Hospital – give Shirley some style and help women realize that just because they have lost their hair does not mean they have lost their style!

Susan Beausang

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