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darylsblogWelcome to my blog… named in honor of all the times I’ve said “I never signed up for this….” -as a mother, artist, breast cancer survivor, wife, TV journalist.

Because nothing seems to turn out the way we expect– I blog about handling the big and little things in life— with humor, humanity, and hope.

For someone who writes a blog which is pretty much ABOUT myself, maybe it sounds funny to say I don’t really like writing ABOUT myself. But it’s true.

Plus there’ s way too much ABOUT me to fit on this page.
I’ve lived in lots of places and done lots of things and learned a lot about what really matters. The big things.

I also write a lot about the little things. Which is why I don’t see the point of writing much here. Because I’ll just confuse you. And truthfully I hope you’ll leave this page and go somewhere else on this blog.

If you look around, I think you’ll fnd something—to make you smile or feel or think.

I’ve posted every day since I started blogging. So this blog is as cluttered as my brain. There’s something for everyone:
I’m a mom.
A wife.
An ex-wife
A friend
A sister
A daughter
A mother-in-law
An artist
A chocoholic
A packrat
A drama queen
A Yale graduate
A cancer survivor
And mostly I’m grateful. Grateful to be here.
And that you’re here, too.

To read more about Darryle, please visit: “I never signed up for this….”

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