One Day at a Time

Blogs-contributors, Dan Waeger — By on February 26, 2009 at 11:34 am

On the plus side- Dan’s stitches appear to be healing. After a near-breaking point incident last Saturday and the trip to emergency room, we are happy to say that we haven’t had any more problems with the drain- not even one little leak. It’s like the great powers above knew it was time for the drain issues to cease. Dan is scheduled to have the stitches removed next week. For the most part, it has become part of the routine.

On the downside, Dan is feeling more run down and short of breath… new issues to deal with, and ones that are a real challenge. He started with the full dose of the new chemo pill last night, and hopefully it will kick in and beat back these symptoms.

Thanks for all your cards, emails & posts. They give us a great boost. It can be tough to get back to everyone, as we’re very focused on getting through the days. But know we read & re-read them all. We’re getting the hang of coordinating rides for Dan and balancing my work schedule, but it’s still not easy. Although it’s a little easier now that Idol is down to the Round of 36, Tiger is back (and on live TV on a Wednsesday), and even Phil managed not to choke!

Dan’s sister Cindy is visiting from Hawaii this week, and it’s great to have her & little Caroline visiting with Dan during the days. We’re getting our families together this weekend, which will be nice for everyone. Plus we get to meet Dan’s dad’s new puppy!

So just pray that things get better- one day at a time.

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