Fight or Flee

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Seems like lately I’ve been more on the fleeing side than fighting. Probably because it was this time last year that things really hit the fan. Bad news seemed to come daily, and there was nothing we could really do. I admit, it’s a tough time. Not just for me, but for everyone in our little circle that are under constant reminder of what was going on a year ago. I never stopped to think about people that helped us… I have a better idea now of what it is like to be on in the inner circle as opposed to being in /br /This past week… it did seem to be too much…. too much loss, too much pain and suffering with no answers at all. I honestly had no idea what to do with myself. Because you do lull yourself into thinking that you’re dealing well with everything and that you’re getting used to it. But you don’t. There will always be moments when you painfully long for what you’ve lost and will never have back. And damn it… those moments always seem to hit you at an unlikely time or place (see last year’s Smoothie King post).br /br /I was with one of my friends who didn’t know me during my time with Dan. And has no real knowledge of what happened other than the bits I’ve told. I am not one to dwell on anything… one of my favorite movie scenes is in Jerry McGuire. Jerry and Dorothy are having dinner and they being talking about things in the past. Dorothy stops Jerry and says- “Jerry, let’s not tell our sad stories.” Well, that is pretty much me. I don’t like people giving me looks of pity when they hear what happened to us. I REALLY can’t stand it. Anyways, I happened to really lose it with my friend, and the comment was that he was glad to see that I was finally human. That I am not immune to emotion or anger. And that I am allowed to be fed up and angry at this disease and the loss it leaves in its wake. . At that moment, I really felt like it was better to flee. To pack it up for a bit, and just go on and not think about cancer. But as my friend said- People can’t help or relate unless span style=”font-style: italic;”you help them to relate/ /br /As I was thinking about it, I realized how much I’ve been forcing other things to “fix” my problems. Fix me, I guess. Work, the foundation, traveling and my favorite- shopping :) Even just crossing days off the calendar thinking “At 6 months, I’ll feel like this, and by the time a year goes by I’ll feel so much better. I keep waiting for a golden moment when I would know something had come along to fill the void or save me. And then as I was organizing my office, I started reading one of Dan’s speeches. And there it was in his writing… there are times when the challenge seems too tough… we hear of another friend or co-worker who is diagnosed, and unfortunately, not all of them make it…. these challenges are our moments for us to see who we really are and the people we’re meant to be. That’s why I love him- Dan always knew the right thing to say!br /br /Yes, dealing with my loss is tough. And having people I love go through the same things now that I did… it’s enough to make me want to pull the covers over my head. But in doing that, I’d be losing the opportunity to take what happened to us and do something for someone else. Fighting is really the only option. No one likes a quitter, especially me. So instead of fleeing, I’m going to look at the moments when I need to step back as just re-grouping. Even Rocky got knocked down out by Clubber Lang and lost his beloved Mickey and started to doubt himself. But he re-grouped, stepped back and admitted that he didn’t know what to do when he started questioning everything he knew. But he got back in there, using a new way of thinking amp; training and of course, took out Clubber Lang (see Rocky 3).br /br /So I am in re-grouping mode- which is good, because there is much to fight for…br /br /PS- There is a Coldplay song that I had been listening to… “Fix Me”. I was listening to it tonight, and I used to think that it would be nice if someone came along and sang it to me. And then, in-line with my new way of thinking… I decided maybe it’s more about saying these things to yourself and knowing that you can fix yourself. Lyrics below…br /br /When you try your best but you don’t succeedbr /When you get what you want but not what you needbr /When you feel so tired but you can’t sleepbr /Stuck in reversebr /br /And the tears come streaming down your facebr /When you lose something you cannot replacebr /When you love someone but it goes to wastebr /COULD IT BE WORSE?br /br /Lights will guide you homebr /And ignite your bonesbr /And I will try to fix youbr /br /And high up above or down belowbr /When you’re too in love to let it gobr /But if you never try you’ll never knowbr /Just what you’re worthbr /br /Lights will guide you homebr /And ignite your bonesbr /And I will try to fix youbr /br /Tears stream down your facebr /When you lose something you cannot replacebr /Tears stream down your facebr /And Ibr /br /Tears stream down your facebr /I promise you I will learn from my mistakesbr /Tears stream down your facebr /And Ibr /br /Lights will guide you homebr /And ignite your bonesbr /And I will try to fix you.div class=”blogger-post-footer”img width=’1′ height=’1′ src=’’ alt=” //div

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