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Blogs-contributors, Dan Waeger — By on February 26, 2009 at 11:34 am

For the most part, the drain has been the source of our frustration the past few days. Not the drain themselves, but the stitches were leaking last week. So on Thursday, I went to Hopkins to have the one area stitched better with 2 new stitches. Unfortunately, two days later we had one of the toughest days yet.

On Saturday AM, I woke coughing and throwing up a little. I think all the pressure on my abdomen pushed the stitches apart and my abdomen pretty much turned into a leaky faucet. My dressing was dripping with fluid every 30 minutes. Having to repeatedly change the dresssing soon became very annoying and frustrating for Meg and I. By 11pm that night, we finally got worried because it wasn’t stopping and so we went to the Emergency Room by our house. Fun. Fun. Fun.

It actually wasn’t too bad, but we were there from about 11pm to 1:30am. Knowing that my situation is complicated, we were very weary of who would be attempting to fix the problem. Well, so was the ER doctor and so we all agreed to actually do nothing and hope that laying down flat over the next 24 hours would alleviate some of the problems.

When we got home, we put on probably the 10th bandage of the day on. We put towels on the bed and around my stomach. We took every precaution necessary and I was ordered not to move. Low and behold – it worked (knock on wood). It’s been dry so far since that incident. I can’t explain it, but let’s hope it stays that way. I actually went to Hopkins today to get it checked again and they agreed to do nothing for now. I’m just nervous the next big cough or nausea reaction might rupture the stitches. Let’s pray it doesn’t and everything heals so we can move on!

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