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This is a blog entry I never wanted to write. But since we’ve made a point of publicly sharing our story in the hopes of educating others and connecting to those in similar situations, we don’t see why we should not share the sad news, too.

As your read in his post last week, Dan became increasingly short of breath. Recognizing that this was not a good sign, we arranged for a scan and doctor’s meeting last Friday. Dan and I chose to go alone this time, as we sensed that the news would not be good, and that certain things needed to be discussed in private. The scans confirmed what we expected- the disease is progressing faster than we could keep up with it. His liver seems to be getting the worst of it, though his lungs are in trouble, too. Though there are still some treatment options available, Dan’s body can’t take them.

As a family, we have spent the last week processing this news and putting a care plan in place for Dan. This doesn’t leave much time for connecting with people individually to tell them the news, so we’ve tried to put family first. I think that it will be tough for people to hear that Dan will succumb to cancer as he beat it back so many times before, setting high expectations for himself. We’ve all looked to Dan to comfort us and give us hope, which he does with his incredible “Will-Win” attitude. And he did win- for almost four years, with a disease that should probably have taken him within months.

I think I speak on behalf of Dan’s family, friends, doctors, nurses, caregivers, fellow cancer advocates and pretty much anyone that was touched by his story when I say that we are all incredibly proud of him and the way that he lives his life to benefit others. Through the National Collegiate Cancer Foundation, we know that his legacy will live long after he leaves us. It is really his gift to us, and we will do our best to continue his efforts to aid young adult cancer survivors.

Dan will be cared for at home at this time. We are not accepting visitors unless Dan requests them (though an exception might be made for Lance or Phil). Please feel free to send a card or email, but we don’t need any food or anything else at the moment. We are fortunate to be supported by two very loving families who are helping us both through this time. I will reach out if we do need anything.

I will continue to update the blog, though more with musings and observations than with medical details to protect our privacy. The blog remains our preferred method of reaching out to people. However, I don’t know that Dan will write anything further. When I asked him if he wanted to, he said “I said everything I needed to say as I went though life, and that if people weren’t listening… then they should pay more attention next time.” Well said Dan.

On a final note today, I just want to say that I couldn’t love Dan anymore than I do at this moment, and consider it a blessing to help him through this time. I am ok, and my main concern is being with Dan. But I’ll write more about me later.

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