A weekend in the drain…..

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I wish I could say Meg and I had a nice relaxing weekend, enjoying each other’s company, and celebrating Valentine’s Day. Instead, our lovely Saturday was actually filled with Meghan and I learning to use the drain for the first time. The weekend was tough. I think we all thought, myself included, that once the permanent drain was put in place our lives would return back to normal or at least back to prior fluid accumulation. Unfortunately, that is not reality.

For the most part, my abdomen and place of incision was sore all weekend. More sore than I had anticipated at least. I have my pain meds to relieve the discomfort, but the pain meds ended up making me really drowsy and just wanting to lie on the couch all weekend.

So we drained the fluid on Saturday and this morning (Tuesday AM). We drained 350 ml (or 1/3 of a liter) each time. Since it is only 1/3 a liter, it is actually a good thing. But draining it at home still makes it sore for a few hours. I just think having the fluid going in and out of your body is not a normal bodily process and either the process of draining it or just the fluid itself makes me nauseas at times.

Also, this morning we noticed one of the stitch holes was leaking. Not a lot, but enough to soak through all the gauze. I called my nurse and we are just going to monitor it for now. The stitch is supposed to heal on its own and maybe my cough or the way I slept put pressure on it more than usual. We will just have to change the dressing more frequent and if it is still leaking later this week I’m going to call the surgeon and see if I need to go in for them to check it out.

SOOOO – Happy Valentines Day to us! Meghan has been great through all this and I cannot thank her enough for all her love and support. I finally started my chemo drug on Monday (a pill 2x a day). I’m hoping and praying for good results!

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